LOOP Shaft Prototype HD

US$ 575.00

Loop prototype HD

Loop prototype HDLoop Prototype HD  Made in JAPAN

The birth of the double-hold manufacturing method “HD” that realizes amazing speed and high reproducibility of impact

The double hold method that the HD series carries is a method that can draw out the maximum speed by making two bends from the intermediate part to the bat part by special polishing technology and releasing the slack at the time of downsink just before impact. is. This is a shaft that can be used to eliminate the looseness of turning back and to feel the movement of the shaft while keeping the toe-down impact without worry. You will be able to feel the amazing speed of follow-up from impact, which is the best feature of the double-hold manufacturing method.


Flex Length Weight (± 2g) Tip diameter Butt diameter Torque
R 1168mm
56g 8.5mm 15.0mm 4.9 °
SR [Sold out] 56g 8.5mm 15.0mm 4.8 °
S 57g 8.5mm 15.0mm 4.8 °
SX 58g 8.5mm 15.0mm 4.6 °
X 59g 8.5mm 15.1mm 4.5 °
XX (custom order) 60g 8.5mm 15.2mm 4.5 °

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