LOOP Shaft Prototype LT

US$ 575.00

Loop prototype LT
Loop prototype LT

Loop Prototype LT Made in JAPAN

LOOP is a new stage! Lightweight speed shaft with extreme response and ease of swinging

The feeling of bending produced by our unique double-hold manufacturing technology brings the player the optimal turn-back operation and sharp and comfortable “easy to swing”. The overwhelming shaft potential is a major factor in increasing the meat rate and initial speed, and maximizes flight distance performance. “Lightning & Thunderbolt” A unique feeling that runs like a flash and feels like pushing a ball with a thick impact only by the LOOP shaft. The restrained spin amount and the gentle movement of the tip side that can be struck with peace of mind have achieved high compatibility with various heads.


Flex Length Weight (± 2g) Tip diameter Butt diameter Torque
R 1168mm
57g 8.5mm 15.0mm 4.7 °
SR 58g 8.5mm 15.0mm 4.6 °
S 59g 8.5mm 15.0mm 4.5 °
SX 60g 8.5mm 15.1mm 4.4 °
X 60g 8.5mm 15.1mm 4.4 °

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