LOOP Shaft Prototype BW

US$ 575.00

Loop prototype BW
Loop prototype BW

Loop Prototype BW  Made in JAPAN

Birth of "Bubble Weight" for more golfers with more flight distance performance

In addition to the double hold manufacturing method similar to the HD series, the Bubble series achieves further weight reduction. By placing the center of gravity closer to the hand than the H.D series, the ball is better gripped and longer. A shaft that meets the expectations of many golfers in both directionality and flight distance. The original double hold manufacturing method realizes low torque and light weight despite the weight in the first half of the 50g range. Suppressing the impact loss and head speed deceleration to the limit, we deliver an overwhelming flight distance performance to a wide range of golfers from beginners to athletes.


Flex Length Weight (± 2g) Tip diameter Butt diameter Torque
R 1168mm
51g 8.5mm 15.0mm 4.4 °
SR 53g 8.5mm 15.0mm 4.4 °
S 54g 8.5mm 15.0mm 4.4 °
SX 54g 8.5mm 15.0mm 4.4 °
X (custom order) (Build-to-order manufacturing)




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