LOOP Shaft Hybrid

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Loop hybrid

Loop hybrid

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Loop Hybrid 60/70 Suggested Retail Price 28,000 yen (excluding tax)
Loop Hybrid 80/90/100 Suggested Retail Price 30,000 yen (excluding tax)
Made in JAPAN

LOOP brand's first HYBRID dedicated shaft debuts!
New design that brings reliable confidence and ideal trajectory to players through optimal shaft behavior

Based on numerous sample prototypes and feedback from testers, it took more than a year to develop, and finally the LOOP brand's first HYBRID shaft was completed. The “active sensing flow technology” that provides the most optimal response to the player's power and the turning motion provides an appropriate launch angle and optimal spin control while maintaining a unique feel of the LOOP shaft. Finished in a shaft with a flying distance performance and operability that aims directly at the target with a comfortable swing feeling. Suppressing unnecessary behavior, “Pure and honest feeling” is a confident work of craftsman Hashimoto who pursued a completely new look of LOOP.


Series Flex Length Weight (± 2g) Tip diameter Butt diameter Torque
60 R 1042mm
65g 9.0mm 14.8mm 4.8 °
70 SR 74g 9.0mm 15.0mm 4.5 °
70 S 78g 9.0mm 15.2mm 4.2 °
80 S 84g 9.0mm 15.4mm 3.2 °
80 SX 86g 9.0mm 15.4mm 3.2 °
90 S 91g 9.0mm 15.6mm 3.2 °
90 SX 95g 9.0mm 15.6mm 3.1 °
90 X 96g 9.0mm 15.7mm 3.0 °
100 X 101g 9.0mm 16.1mm 2.8 °



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