LOOP Shaft Fairway FWSix

US$ 425.00

Loop prototype FWsix

Loop prototype FWsixLoop prototype FWsix  Made in JAPAN

PROTOTYPE :: Compatible with HD and CL driver shaft flow. Strong, high, far away ... The functionality required for the FW shaft is very selfish. The craftsman Hashimoto's specialty is toe-down design, shaft winding technology using the best materials, and a unique double-hold manufacturing method that increases the speed to the maximum speed. A feeling ”is realized. Its uniqueness, which is unique, is a rare shaft that makes you feel “uncomfortable” when you first get it. And that “discomfort” will soon become your truth.


Flex Length Weight (± 2g) Tip diameter Butt diameter Torque
SR 1118mm
68g 8.5mm 15.6mm 3.5 °
S 69g 8.5mm 15.6mm 3.4 °
SX 69g 8.5mm 15.6mm 3.3 °
X 70g 8.5mm 15.6mm 3.2 °
XX (custom order) (Build-to-order manufacturing)

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