LOOP Shaft Prototype GK

US$ 575.00

Loop prototype GK
Loop prototype GKLoop Prototype GK  Made in JAPAN

Realizing a heavy trajectory that pushes with low spin approved by top pros, supple and supple!

The newly added PROTOTYPE :: GK changes the rigidity ratio and materials used without compromising the “push-and-run” feeling that is becoming synonymous with the same 60g PROTOTYPE :: CL characteristics. As a result, it was possible to make a reasonable time by turning back, creating a shaft behavior that led to a smooth impact while feeling supple, and realized a feeling that you can hit with confidence without being caught too much. A combination of flight distance, direction, and operability, and a 60g stand shaft with a top-professional rating of “Good to strike and swing off” is a new option.


Flex Length Weight (± 2g) Tip diameter Butt diameter Torque
SR 1168mm
67g 8.5mm 15.4mm 3.5 °
S 68g 8.5mm 15.5mm 3.4 °
SX 68g 8.5mm 15.5mm 3.3 °
X 69g 8.5mm 15.5mm 3.2 °
XX 69g 8.5mm 15.5mm 3.1 °

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