LOOP Shaft Bubble Light

US$ 500.00 US$ 575.00

Loop bubble light
Loop prototype bubble light

Loop Bubble Light  Made in JAPAN

Bubble Light Tip……. REGULAR /Mid……. REGULAR /Butt Stiffness……. REGULAR Type of Player who should use it 5R to R flex :: low swing speed, women, senior , who want more distance and maximized swing speed. R to S flex :: prefer light but slightly stiff shafts with maximum swing speed provides. prefer long length driver. Performance concept less toe down shaft movement for better swing and maximum swing speed for low swing speed golfer. speed-up toward impact moment, light shaft but powerfully make good impact.

Super fast return that brings the longest flight distance to golfers who want to fly more!

From the average golfer who suffers from flying distance, a new bubble light shaft that brings the dream flying distance to senior and ladies golfers whose head speed is less than 40m / s! While feeling the whole “flexible” flexibly, it is easy to take the timing of turning back, and the speed is super accelerated toward the impact! Despite the 40g lightweight shaft, it has a heavy impact with no hits and toe downs, and the “push-run” movement that is becoming synonymous with the sinker graphite shaft makes it possible to swing through to the finish at a stretch. Distance performance Lightweight and long shaft.

◯ Line-up Flex:
BubbleLight: 5R, 3R, 2R, R, SR, S / BubbleLight PINK ver .: 5R, 4R, 3R, 2R, R, SR
SR, S Flex may be made to order.


Flex PINK Length Weight (± 2g) Tip diameter Butt diameter Torque Frequency (cpm)
5R 1168mm
43g 8.5mm 14.6mm 4.9 ° 190 ±
4R 44g 8.5mm 14.6mm 4.8 ° 200 ±
3R 44g 8.5mm 14.7mm 4.7 ° 210 ±
2R 46g 8.5mm 14.7mm 4.7 ° 220 ±
R 46g 8.5mm 14.8mm 4.6 ° 230 ±
SR 47g 8.5mm 14.8mm 4.5 ° 240 ±
S 48g 8.5mm 14.8mm 4.5 ° 250 ±


* The frequency is a reference value when assembled with a head of about 193 to 197g and 46 inches.

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