Yamada Golf Kamakura Burnt Copper Handmade Putter Head Only

US$ 1,500.00

The Yamada Kamakura is a handmade heel shaft putter that was designed for golfers that like a traditional blade look and prefer slight shaft offset. 

It features a deep milled face, three-tier sole, and a very soft look and butter soft feel.

The toe hang is about 4:00-4:30

Headweights of 375 g. 

Finish is Burning Copper

Tohru Yamada is the father of the pendulum putting stroke in Japan. He has been designing and handcrafting putters for more than 20 years. He also engineered the robot which is used for nearly all putter testing in Japan. His experience, knowledge of mathematics and engineering, and countless hours of studying all aspects of putting have led Yamada to develop his theory of the pendulum putting stroke and putter design.

A Yamada putter is like no other putter in golf today- each process is overseen by Yamada from choosing the steel to the design of the putter to the hand finishing & balance of the putter. Yamada is a man tormented to provide golfers with the perfect putter.

Yamada putters provide the best feel in all of golf, the main reason is due to the sensitivity of the steel he uses. While most of the bigger companies use a more cost effective harder steel Yamada opts for the more expensive softer steel to provide golfers with more feedback & control with their putting.

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