SEVEN Golf Wedge Black DLC ST 51 57 61

US$ 1,800.00

Introducing Seven ST Wedge 2020. Set of 51, 57, 61

The original Seven ST wedges have been the most popular wedges Seven has produced to date. We have been working on this updated design for months with a lot of back and forth and several rounds of prototyping. How do you design a wedge that is better than the original Seven ST? It was definitely a challenge. We really tried to merge all the good things of the previous ST and incorporate updates or more of an “upgrade” from its predecessor.

We started from the beginning and laid out all the various molds at our disposal to find which has the best raw form to create the shape, size and offset that we wanted. We ended up using a different mold than the previous version which gave us the ability to re-shape the top line.

The New ST is forged of single piece S15C super-soft Japanese steel. The shape is hand-ground in Himeji Japan by a specific grinder of the brands choosing. The new ST has the same great CNC milled grooves and ultra-tight mill pattern on the face. Thanks to CNC milling we are able to gain more spin and a flatter face versus non-milled wedge faces.

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