Scotty Cameron Teryllium Newport 2

US$ 3,500.00

Twenty-two years after the release of Scotty Cameron’s groundbreaking, major-winning Teryllium-inserted putter design, the new 2019 Teryllium T22 putter line includes three new models—T22 Newport, T22 Newport 2 and T22 Fastback 1.5—offering the same unmistakable feel of the originals, updated for the demands of today’s golfers.


Arguably the most popular shape with players worldwide and a major winning design for decades, Scotty’s Newport 2 has been a perennial go-to putter for the game's greatest players. Its angular, boxy lines provide telling visual cues aiding in alignment and overall confidence. Not only do players benefit from this celebrated setup, but they also enjoy the soft feel of Teryllium, which when played will age to a rich patina over time.

Truly a player’s gamer, the Teryllium T22 Newport 2 arrives twenty-two years after the introduction of putters crafted with Scotty’s innovative copper alloy insert. Reimagined, re-engineered and built to the exacting specifications of today’s players, the T22 Newport 2 also has a thinner, flatter topline for a cleaner look from address.

In addition to its modern shape, the T22 Newport 2 is crafted from 303 stainless steel with a durable tactical matte black finish, has customizable sole weights and a lightly milled putter face. 


  • LOFT
  • LIE
    34", 35"
    303 stainless steel w/ Teryllium insert
    One Shaft
  • GRIP
    Pistolini Plus
    2 x 15 grams (34")
    2 x 10 grams (35")


Updated toplines are thinner and squared off with a unique beveled radius for a confident setup at address.


Equipped with Scotty’s modern vibration dampening system, each T22 putter incorporates the classic “domino pattern” displayed by the white elastomer membrane in the back cavity, while current technology expertly fuses the Teryllium insert to the putter head for enhanced vibration dampening.

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