Progress Golf BB6 HI COR Driver with AutoFlex

US$ 1,750.00


Progress Golf's latest BB6 Hi Cor driver means improved distance. Hi Cor drivers are not meant for tournament use.

Each order comes with a Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360. Please indicate the desired length of the driver in the notes section. Alternatively, contact us for special requests or if you need advice on the build

Progress Golf  BB6 driver SB01 with AutoFlex. The ultimate driver combination. It would be hard not to drive it longer and straighter. Look at the AutoFlex swing chart to determine which shaft you would prefer. Or WhatsApp us at +65-65430288 for assistance.

Other shaft options are available. All BB6s are to be shafted and no head sales.

Our new AutoFlex SF505 is 51 grams, SF505X is 54 grams.
If you are a swinger who swings smoothly, SF505 will be good.
If you swing aggressively and fast, SF505X will be better.

X doesn’t mean the Flex as the other shaft brands.
Our X means, this holds better with the faster swing.


SF305X / 39 gram / Ladies / Swing Speed 65~85 mph

SF405 / 43 gram / Men / Swing Speed 85~95 mph

SF505 / 51 gram / Professionals / Swing Speed 95~105 mph

SF505X / 54 gram / Long Drive Player / Swing Speed 110~125+ mph

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