Progress Golf BB6 Fairway Head

US$ 550.00

Realization of high initial velocity.
A bellows sole and a bellows crown are adopted for the Ti6-4 body with light specific gravity and high strength.
 This structure uses the repulsion of the sole + crown to achieve high initial velocity.

Reason for flight 2: Realization of strong trajectory with low spin and proper launch angle.
A low and deep center of gravity design is achieved by arranging the carbon crown structure adopted in the BB6 driver, the high specific gravity tungsten steel in the sole, and the weight on the toe and heel of the sole.

Reason for flight 3: Just fit adjuster + 2 weight adjustments to increase the meat rate.
By adopting a neck adjuster that can adjust the loft angle ± 1 degree, it is possible to adjust the launch angle and direction for each count. In addition, by changing the weight placed on the toe and heel, the distance between the center of gravity and the club balance can be adjusted to increase the meat rate.

BB6 FW-1

BB6 FW-2
BB6 FW-3
BB6 FW-4
BB6 FW-5
BB6 FW-6

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