KYOEI Golf Iron Dual Weight II

US$ 1,855.00

KYOEI Dual Weight II Iron

2 years since the Dual Weight I iron KYOEI is following up with their latest design the Dual Weight II which KYOEI believes shows advancement in capability through super high-quality forgings, CNC milling, and 2 years of product design study since the model’s first iteration.

This is KYOEI’s most forgiving Iron with the brand’s thickest top line and widest sole of the KYOEI 2022 lineup.  Japan Forged of super soft S20C this single-piece construction iron is designed for excellent accuracy and feel. The PW is based on 44* so it’s strong yet not too jacked by today’s standards, it will give extra yards.

This is a single digit to mid cappers iron that is shaped beautifully with a thin top line of 5.5mm and extreme little offset, to compare it is less offset than the smallest blades on the market. This makes the new DWII a compelling choice as it’s compact, forgiving, soft, workable with distance to boot.

Of course, it’s hard to forget that this club features 2 adjustable head weights positioned perfectly to put mass low and behind the sweet spot. For aesthetics, multiple colored surrounding weight rings are offered as-is both a Light-Kit and Heavy Kit weight pack. This becomes incredibly handy for those who like custom lengths and swing weights.

Let’s now move our attention to the modern 5 cut sole which has become the brand’s most requested interaction point with the turf, it’s extremely versatile performing well for both diggers and sweepers. KYOEI has been testing the 5 cut soles for many years and their newest iteration plays and feels outstanding.

This iron is exciting because it ticks so many boxes for so many players. It’s got mass where needed to be forgiving enough for someone who still prefers single-piece forged accuracy and feels. It has less offset than most blades and a topline that is only a touch thicker than pro-level muscle backs.

CNC flat faces, new sharper grooves, and engraved logos are a big addition to the overall look of this iron but its enhanced polishing takes it over the top with light brushed hairlines that evoke a handmade satin effect.


Material S20C Japan Grade
Availability #4 – PW
Finish Brushed Nickel Chrome
Hosel Diameter .355
#4 22 60.5 1 5.5 2 250
#5 25 61 2 4.5 2 257
#6 28 61.5 3 3.5 2 264
#7 32 62 4 3 2 271
#8 36 62.5 4.5 2 2 278
#9 40 63 5 1.5 2 285
PW 44 63.5 6 1 2 292

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