KYOEI 705 CMB Iron Satin

US$ 1,855.00

KYOEI 705 CMB Iron.

New Precision Forging Process S25C Forged Japanese Steel CNC Milled Grooves + Face For the discerning player, feedback is more than just a tactile sensation; it's a dialogue between you and your equipment that informs your every move.

We start by selecting the best material from Japan, directly from top suppliers. We then seek specific manufacturers who specialize in the tasks needed to bring our design to fruition. Expert design, in collaboration with the best materials, manufacturers, and grinders, creates a top-performing and high-quality forged golf iron.

The mold matters because both shape and specs are crucial. By using, adjusting, or creating custom molds—and by having the widest selection to choose from—we can let our designs shine in ways that other brands can't.

We work directly with material suppliers and factories, visiting them in person to oversee the creation process. With boots on the ground at the factory level, we can ensure a product that we are proud of.

Feedback Focused The all-new KYOEI 705 CMB is designed for the better player who seeks a buttery-soft impact when striking the ball dead center. Better players also appreciate slightly firmer feedback on mishits.

The ability to gain feedback through vibration and sound in real-time was a key focus during the creation of this iron. Accuracy through Design Accuracy should always be the goal. Getting closer to the pin is paramount for shooting lower scores.

Progressive specifications throughout the set, along with intentional weight positioning and shape, create ideal spin rates.

The 8/9/PW irons shift weight to strategic positions, further optimizing performance on approach shots.



Material S25C Forged Japanese Steel
Availability #5-PW / #4–PW
Finish Chrome Satin
Hosel Diameter .355
#4 22 60.5 0.5 1 5.2 252
#5 25 61 0.5 2 5.2 259
#6 28 61.5 0.5 3 5.2 266
#7 32 62 0 4 5.2 273
#8 36 62.5 0 5 5.2 280
#9 40 63 0 6 5.2 287
PW 46 63.5 0 7 5.2 294


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