Fujimoto Irons Handcrafted Iura Wing Back Irons

US$ 8,400.00

Fujimoto Iura Bespoke. 99.99 percent steel coating. 72 Hour annealing. Each individually engraved by Katsuro Iura. Mr Iura is best known for engraving John Wayne’s famous peacemaker. He is one of the few remaining true hand engravers in Japan. Limited to 5 sets a year.

Lead time of 6 months  

Fujimoto Forged Blade Ash Cooled to Perfection

Fujimoto Golf has worked with numerous Japanese tour players to establish the new MB design in it's most sophisticated modern / classic silhouette. With countless R&D and prototype making, the club is refined to meet the highest expectation on tour for the ultimate performance and feel. Each head is crafted with care by the hands of the Fujimoto family, including our signature 72 hour super slow cooling (annealing) that creates the distinct "Fujimoto Feel" we are renowned for.





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