AutoFlex Golf Iron Shaft Longer & Straighter

US$ 210.00

 Authorized and Authentic AutoFlex Shafts from Korea

Our new Auto Flex SF505 is 51 gram, SF505X is 54 gram.
If you are a swinger who swings smoothly, SF505 will be good.
If you swing aggressive and fast, SF505X will be better.

X doesn't mean the Flex as the other shaft brands.
Our X means, this holds better with the faster swing.


SF305X / 39 gram / Ladies / Swing Speed 65~85 mph

SF405 / 43 gram / Mens / Swing Speed 85~95 mph

SF505 / 51 gram / Professionals / Swing Speed 95~105 mph

SF505X / 54 gram / Long Drive Player / Swing Speed 110~125+ mph

** Each models have the available shafts for Driver, Fairway wood, and Utility. ( Iron shafts available in SF405 and SF505

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