KYOEI Golf Iron KK MB 2022 4 to P


The result of 2 years development. 2022 KYOEI KK MB iron, By changing the mold, it allowed KYOEI to lower the center of gravity to design the most forgiving blade in the brand’s history.

It’s KYOEI’s most forgiving blade ever, it offers the soft feel of S20C Japanese forging with computer-controlled milling advantages in the face, grooves, logos, and back face.

While the new Dual Weight II and KK CB share the same mold the new 2022 KK MB is based on an entirely new one. The original handmade prototype MB performed admirably but nowadays it’s becoming harder to create a blade that has noticeable improvements in performance vs blades of old.

The 5-Cut sole grind is another big deal as all 3 new models share this detail.   KYOEI has been doing the 5 cut soles for many years but now it has evolved into something almost necessary to improve the performance of their irons.  The amount of versatility for both sweepers and diggers is immense and KYOEI now has the perfect sole width, lead, and trailing angles to make this a major advantage versus many of their competitors.


Material S20C Japan Grade
Availability #4 – PW
Finish Chrome Satin
Hosel Diameter .355
#4 23 60.5 2.0 248
#5 26 61 2.5 255
#6 29 61.5 3.0 262
#7 33 62 3.5 269
#8 37 62.5 4.0 276
#9 41 63 4.5 283
PW 45 63.5 5.0 290


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