Ryoma Golf Maxima II Special Tuning Driver with AutoFlex

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【Flagship model】
 Non-Conforming to R&A and USGA rules on SLE

High initial speed, high launch, and low spin with a high trajectory
Incomparable driver head structure design

DSI technology which was acknowledged to make extra distance by exceptional head structure has evolved further. It enables incomparable high initial speed with a high launch angle and unbelievably low spin rate. The sweet area is much wider compared with that of the previous models. Also, it is easier to hit the dead center with the new shaft. A shot with MAXIMAⅡ※1 enables a longer roll, which contributes to a significant difference in ball distance.
From amateur golfers to tour players, everyone can remark that the ball flies further and more easily. In consequence, it helps all golfers improve their scoring. Finally, this driver is made with the best that RYOMA can offer.

※1 MaximaⅡproduces balls with high initial speed, high launch, and low spin. When the three criteria are met, after flying over the maximum carry distance, the ball will descend gradually and roll further after hitting the ground. The logic is similar to a “flyer” when hitting with an iron from the rough. As a result, the total distance will be increased thanks to a longer roll.

1High initial speed initial ball speed increased by 1.7m/s

The unique body structure with spring body and energy amplification mechanism increases the time for which the ball and clubface are in contact (impact duration) by 20%※1. As the ball is compressed to the core, it rebounds even more strongly, increasing the initial speed. ※2 This results in an outstanding soft feel and high initial speed that surpasses the golfer’s own potential.
※1 As the impact duration extends, the ball is compressed even more.
※2 As the initial speed increases by 1m/s, the distance is extended by approximately 7 yards.

2Low backspinMaximaⅡ shot is a shot with the World’s lowest spin.

The ultimate head structure is made with more advanced DSI Technology. It reduces backspin by 35% compared with conventional products. ※1 MAXIMAⅡ produces balls with high initial speed, high launch, and low spin. A “MAXIMA Ⅱ shot” ※2 will fly forward with a big carry and a long roll.
※1 Comparing to the average statistics of the latest 7 models of the major brands (Decreased by 15% compared to Ryoma’s previous model)
※2 A shot with MAXIMA Ⅱ is the same kind as the flyer shot made with an iron. Since the spin rate is extremely low, the ball flies forward without rising excessively. As a result, a long roll is produced after a gentle descent.

When meeting the three conditions of high initial velocity,
high trajectory, and low spin, a long roll is produced.

3High launch angleHigh launch angle & extra wide sweet area

The combination of a low-spin unit and a power booster enables the ultra-low and deep center of gravity, and therefore, makes it possible for high launch even with a small loft angle. In addition, the elastic characteristics of the power-spring body enable to suppression of the clubhead rotation even at a mis-hit. Thanks to the support function of the club face and body, the extra wide sweet area greatly contributes to a longer average ball distance.
※Even with an intentional hook or slice, the curvature is less than half compared to the other brands.

4Reduced sidespinNot only reducing the sidespin by 60%,
MAXIMA II cuts the curvature of a hook or a slice by less than a half

As the impact duration extends, the impact will be deeper and longer; hence, the sidespin rate can be reduced by 60%. ※1 Even on a mis-hit, the curvature of a hook or a slice will be limited and corrected to straighter flight thanks to the reduced sidespin. Furthermore, the moment of inertia is increased by 20% than compared to the previous models. ※2. From amateur golfers to tour players, it greatly contributes to improving their scoring.
※1 The sidespin is reduced by 60% compared to the club heads of competitors. Even with an intentional hook or slice shot, the wobbling range is less than half comparing to the other brands.
※2 The club head’s left and right moment of inertia (MOI : 4,950g㎠)


Our new Auto Flex SF505 is 51 gram, SF505X is 54 gram.
If you are a swinger who swings smoothly, SF505 will be good.
If you swing aggressive and fast, SF505X will be better.

X doesn’t mean the Flex as the other shaft brands.
Our X means, this holds better with the faster swing.


SF305X / 39 gram / Ladies / Swing Speed 65~85 mph

SF405 / 43 gram / Mens / Swing Speed 85~95 mph

SF505 / 51 gram / Professionals / Swing Speed 95~105 mph

SF505X / 54 gram / Long Drive Player / Swing Speed 110~125+ mph



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