Itobori Golf Irons MB Vintage Copper 3 to PW head

US$ 1,700.00

Itobori grind irons Soft forging and an unbelievable look to it.
Not your standard irons. Stand out from the crowd with performance
Super soft forging.
High spin irons, conforming grooves.
This is the vintage copper finish. Turns into a nice patina with time. Doesn't rust
Set of 3 to P. Head only.

A special characteristic of “itobori", the one cut carving style, is that instead of using the barrel machine, the club is finished by roughly sanding it with a sanding belt. With this method, the products shape is finished before it gets heated by the friction of polishing. The advantage of this method is that during polishing, one does not have to wait for the club to cool down over and over again and this means the material doesn't become hard. Also another advantage of not using the barrel machine is that the face contour of club becomes very clear. This makes it easier to set up your shot as the sole of the club is multifaceted which creates moderate friction between the sole and the ground during the impact of striking the ball. You will feel the softness of the strike as the ball spends more time on the impact zone of the club creating a change in the loft of the ball helping the ball shoot straighter.


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