Proto Concept Irons C03


Item would be heads only. Message us to ask about shaft and grip options. Our client services will assist.

Extraordinary feel created by integrated molding using soft iron
A tour cavity back crafted with precision forging

CNC undercutting has been designed to optimize the center of gravity for long irons #5 to #7 that need high trajectory while securing the thickness of the back of the hitting point and providing the crisp feel that single forging using soft iron can attain.

C03 iron design precise forging technology with the CNC milling process for the player's distance category.


Optimized center of gravity design
with CNC undercutting

CNC undercutting has been applied to the very bottom of the back of the face to deepen, lower and optimize the center of gravity for long irons #5 to #7 that need high launch and spin. This provides the forgiveness demanded by ambitious golfers.

The size has been unified across the set so that irons 8 and lower in which the back face is not shaved do not become too small. This aligns the information perceived when addressing and performance.


Crisp feel and sound created through precise single forging
using only soft iron

Forged from a single soft-iron material, the C03 provides crisp feel and sound, sharpening the golfer’s senses. The back face is deeply carved by machining while the thickness of the back of the hitting point is secured to satisfy the sensory elements that golfers seek.

To attain skillfully designed head shape with high precision, the C03 is manufactured in the world’s best forging factory. Product errors were eliminated in pursuit of shape uniformity and quality.

Clubhead structure Muscleback with titanium inside Soft iron-forged undercutting
Pocket cavity Pocket cavity
Size/Sole Compact/Sharp
Slightly Compact/Standard
Standard/Slightly Wide
Slightly Large/Wide
Material S20C Soft Iron + Pure Titanium (#5-7)
S25C Soft Iron (#8-PW)
S25C Soft Iron + CNC Undercutting (#5-7)
S25C Soft Iron (#8-PW)
SAE8655 Chromium Molybdenum Steel
S25C Soft Iron
SAE8655 Chromium Molybdenum Steel
S20C Soft Iron
Loft angle (7I) 32° 32° 32° 31°
Features A muscleback with titanium inside crafted through forging together with titanium and soft iron round rod A tour cavity crafted with precise forging using soft iron only and CNC undercutting A tour pocket cavity engineered with deep and low center of gravity and face with high-strength thickness deviation A pocket cavity with excellent maneuverability that also prioritizes forgiveness


Number #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 PW
Loft(°) 25 28 32 36 40 45
Lie(°) 61 61.5 62 62.5 63 63.5
Bounce(°) 3 4 5 6 7 8
FP(mm) 3.6 3.7 3.8 4 4.2 4.6
Carbon steel(S25C)
Nickel Chrome Plating, Satin Finish

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