Miura Golf Wedge K Grind 2.0 Black Boron Matte



CUSTOM ORDER 4 to 6 weeks  

Introducing the Miura Golf K-Grind 2.0 Milled wedge, the most stable wedge from all playing conditions. The “Original” Miura 1957 K-Grind Wedge was one of the most iconic wedges ever made with their signature “knuckles” or fluted sole. The KG 2.0 builds off the original design adding modern day grinding and milling techniques. Hand crafted throughout the entire process the KG 2.0 maintains Miura Golf’s trademark level of superior quality and feel.

The “knuckles” or “flutes” serve a specific purpose in the playability and performance of this wedge. Designed to deliver a square club face at impact the benefits extend to all turf conditions, by reducing twisting from rough and gliding through the sand.

The 2.0 features a more modern sole design with increased bounce and roll along with heel and toe relief. The face and grooves have been milled to provide increased spin on intermediate and full shots.

Lofts are available 52º-60º in 2 degree increments to design the perfect set to match your set configuration.


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