LOOP Shaft Prototype IP


Loop prototype IP

Loop prototype IPLoop Prototype IP Made in JAPAN

Long-awaited shaft for 70g advanced players. Super transmission shaft that realizes the power impact you want!

The 70g shaft, which was more requested by advanced players and players with high head speeds, was finally completed. Pursuing shaft winding and design that achieves highly reproducible shaft behavior by carefully selecting carbon materials to be adopted. A moderate gap is created from the middle part to the tip, and the shaft for advanced users who can swing through comfortably without striking it is completed. Enables smooth reversal and realizes a feeling that conveys the player's intention to the impact at will. The stable strong trajectory that comes out of it will bring great surprise to the player.


Flex Length Weight (± 2g) Tip diameter Butt diameter Torque
S 1168mm
72g 8.5mm 15.6mm 3.2 °
SX 72g 8.5mm 15.6mm 3.2 °
X 73g 8.5mm 15.6mm 3.2 °

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