LOOP Shaft Prototype CL


Loop prototype CL
Loop prototype CLLoop Prototype CL  Made in JAPAN

Overwhelming “push-and-run” swings that give athlete golfers a clear answer

The long-awaited 60g shaft for athletes has been added to the lineup. I want weight, I don't want to reduce head speed. It is the appearance of the shaft that can satisfy such a greedy player. In addition to the original double hold manufacturing method, we focused on the tip side winding design that produces strong trajectory and straightness without reducing the head speed. In the machine and human test, we are confidently recommending numbers that you can recommend to everyone. You will be able to experience the skill of “craftsman” of Syncagraphite craftsman.


Flex Length Weight (± 2g) Tip diameter Butt diameter Torque
R [NEW] 1168mm
63g 8.5mm 15.3mm 4.0
SR 64g 8.5mm 15.4mm 3.9 °
S 64g 8.5mm 15.4mm 3.9 °
SX 65g 8.5mm 15.4mm 3.8 °
X 65g 8.5mm 15.4mm 3.7 °
XX (custom order) (Build-to-order manufacturing)

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