LOOP Shaft Prototype AI


Loop prototype AI
Loop prototype AILoop Prototype AI Made in JAPAN

Flight distance performance, accuracy, and outstanding speed. The first half of 50g with a new side of the Syncagraphite shaft!

A 50g lightweight shaft made of sinker graphite that has repainted the longest distances of numerous players since its launch, with outstanding flight distance performance and good grip. A new lightweight category shaft has been born with the feeling of being able to strike firmly without losing the sense of speed. Winding by craftsman Hashimoto and high precision finish by Shinka graphite craftsman reproduce the impact that brings high meat rate. It is a high potential lightweight shaft that seems to have artificial intelligence.


Flex Length Weight (± 2g) Tip diameter Butt diameter Torque
R 1168mm
50g 8.5mm 15.0mm 4.2 °
SR 51g 8.5mm 15.0mm 4.2 °
S 52g 8.5mm 15.0mm 4.2 °




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