LOOP Shaft Fairway FWSeven


Loop prototype FWseven

Loop prototype FWseven

Loop prototype FWseven  Made in JAPAN

New design that combines speed and operability with the weight required by athletes

Introducing the 70g FW dedicated shaft that covers the foundation of the FW dedicated shaft, which tends to lose sharpness when the weight increases. The “heavy speed / power” design unique to the LOOP shaft realizes an operability that faithfully responds to the movement of “striking, paying, driving” while having a weight that gives athlete golfers a sense of security. In addition to the sharpness from the top to the ball contact, the shaft is highly stable and can be swung comfortably while feeling the length and strength of the impact zone. It is the true value of craftsman Hashimoto ism.


Flex Length Weight (± 2g) Tip diameter Butt diameter Torque
S 1118mm
75g 8.5mm 15.9mm 3.4 °
SX 75g 8.5mm 15.9mm 3.3 °
X 75g 8.5mm 15.9mm 3.2 °

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