KYOEI Golf RRC Wedge Blue Gray


Introducing the all-new 2020 KYOEI TOUR WEDGE – KYOEI’s most compact wedge in their 3 wedge line up. Kyoei now offers three wedges in their complete lineup. The KK Series, Proto Series and now the Tour Series.

Comparing the new KYOEI TOUR Wedge to the KK and Proto Series:

KK Proto & KK Series – S25C Forged + Precision Pressed. Both share the same slightly oversized mold yet differ from each other in finish, style and sole grind *5-cut vs 3-cut. Offered in 52/56/60* lofts.

KYOEI TOUR Wedge – S15C Forged. New more compact mold, new polishing technique and with a more traditional wedge sole grind. The new TOUR wedge is offered in new 50/54/58* lofts.

To compare it to the new SM8 Vokey, this new Tour Wedge is first and foremost FORGED instead of cast. The KYOEI TOUR is one piece with no internal weighting, it is 100% made and hand-ground in Japan.

The offset is extremely minimal reaching into onset on the 58*. Special attention was given to the shape and sole design for an ideal turf interaction in most conditions. All three lofts feature relief in both the heel and toe sides with an extra cut away at the leading edge. KYOEI did their best to try to have this wedge perform admirably for both diggers and sweepers.

So who should choose this over the KK or the Prototype series? Someone who wants a more compact head with less offset and more relief for open-face shots as well as requires 50/54/58* lofts. 50, 54 and 58 set up is a perfect blend for anyone using the KK or Prototype series irons. The new KK Tour wedges will appeal to the better players looking for tour inspired wedge design that looks and feels better than any big brand wedges on the PGA Tour today. Clean, Sexy and Versatile would best describe these wedges in my opinion.

About This Product Listing

- Currently only available in arakenma kurozame finish

- Head Only

- Available in 3 Lofts Option: 50 / 54 / 58

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